• Chemical analysis of refrigerant mixture
    50wt% R-32 (CAS: 75-10-5) and 50wt% R-125 (CAS: 354-33-6) and 2 ionic liquid solvents of [bmim][PF6] (CAS: 174501-64-5) and [emim][Tf2N] (CAS: 174899-82-2).
  • Chemical analysis of ethylene glycol
    As ethylene glycol is proposed for hydrate prohibition, the hazardous effects as well as selected physical properties together with hazards categories are analyzed in this report.
  • Chemical analysis of glycerol monooleate, glycerol dioleate and glycerol trioleate
    As glycerol monooleate, glycerol dioleate and glycerol trioleate are of interest, physical properties necessary for simulations are reported.
  • Chemical analysis of production of acetic acid
    Product and alternative raw materials for acetic acid production including acetic acid, ethylene, acetic anhydride and ethyl alcohol are analyzed.
  • Chemical analysis of natural gas stream
    Natural gas feed composition of 6%wt Carbon dioxide, 14%wt Methane, 10%wt Ethane, 10%wt Propane, 4%wt Hydrogen, 56%wt Diethanolamine.
  • Bio-refinery process
    Lignin conversion.
  • HDA process
    Toluene and hydrogen are converted in a reactor packed with catalyst to produce benzene and methane.
  • Cumene process
    Propylene and benzene are converted to Cumene and Diisopropylbenzene as by product.


  • Insect repellant
    Composition of insect repellant having DEET as active ingredient is investigated.
  • Sunscreen lotion
    Sunscreen containing Octyl salicylate and Avobenzone as active ingredients for UV protection are analyzed with solvent and additive.