Comprehensive Reliable Information of Chemicals at your Fingertips

ChemSub offers options for the identification of hazardous chemicals and suggests their substitution with acceptable hazard effects. It also offers substitution with chemicals that give better economic criteria while also satisfying hazard effect limits.

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Main functions of ChemSub

Search & Retrieve the Chemical Data:
✔ Physical properties
✔ Hazardous properties plus banned chemicals and POP
✔ Chemical uses

Chemical Substitution:
✔ Solvents
✔ Refrigerants
✔ Additives (fragrances, coloring agents, …)

Property Prediction:
✔ Pure component properties
✔ Properties of mixtures (organic systems, electrolyte systems)
✔ Modelling tool-box

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✔ Time and Efficiency is Key

Nowadays, there are many ways to search for and/or estimate the property of chemicals, such as searching on the internet, checking the property from textbooks and hand calculations. These options can take a lot of time.

The purpose of ChemSub is to provide an integrated platform for fast and reliable properties of different chemical systems using in-house and adopted property models. ChemSub provides options for important properties for pure components as well as mixtures and phase equilibrium. It also provides an efficient search for measured properties through its databases.

✔ Reliability is Key

The most important feature of the system, besides the comprehensive databases with over 900,000 entries, is the security and reliability of the data. The editor of the database is Prof. Rafiqul Gani and his co-workers, who have been one of the leading scientists in this field for decades and who guarantees the exact and accurate recording of the data.

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